About Us

Are you planning far ahead but your favorite trip is not on your schedule?
Are you wanting a break out of your boring routine?
Are you an independent traveller who wants to keep the cost as low as possible?

Pakistan is described as the “Kingdom of Landscapes”, with gorgeous and superior geographical conditions. Pakistan is a land of incredible beauty and contrast. From Fairytale villages and vibrant cites to truly spectacular landscapes of all types with immense culture and history, this country has it all in spades. It is a paradise for those with love of the mountains and scenic natural beauty.

Pak Tourism Club (PTC) is an adventure travel company providing un paralleled access to Pakistan’s most interesting and in accessible places. PTC arranges spirit awaking tours as you experience thousands of years of culture, history, food, sports, dance and much more. Travel with us to discover the beauty and tranquility of lakes, mountains, forests, valleys, rivers and much more than expected. We leave our trails at waterfalls, orchards, deserts and historical sights. Our well balanced tours offer a great variety of attractions and activities. PTC plans the most comprehensive and diverse travelling routes. Our paths are carefully selected keeping in mind the beauty and safety. PTC is a life changing experience, and we believe everyone should visit.

Pak Tourism Club was founded by Sarmad Javaid in 2014 who desired to enable other people to experience the beauty and wonders of Pakistan and lands that are often described as dangerous and in hospitable. This desire led to a lot of hard work and laid the foundations of what PTC is today.

Our aim is to provide authentic and original experiences to all our customers. Our tours cover all the ideal destinations for adventure lovers. Weather you are seeking a challenging adventure vacation or a leisure holiday to soak up the majestic scenery, we plan it all. Pak Tourism Club arranges private tours as well as group tours where you meet people with common interest of exploring the natural beauty of Pakistan. If you love the outdoors, weather you are a novice or a seasoned adventurer, you have come to the right place!

We work as a team to make sure you have a fabulous time. For accommodations, we choose location that add to you experience where possible. Camping with us is an appreciable experience. Our trips are guided and you have expert guides, when you are engaged in a must see or must do experience which means the best value and flexibility. If you love to do things out of the ordinary, get on the back – roads and behind the scenes and if you want authentic experiences and are willing to try new things to tell a different story – not just right away but an experience for a long time after you return home then we are the beat choice for you. Our trips are for those who want to do the different.

We provide value and respect to our customers whose safety is our priority, and we promise that you will appreciate our efforts and reliability. We also aim to add positive benefit to the areas we visit. Our tours are Eco- concerned so that we do not harm the environment and leave it beautiful and clean for our generations to come.

Contact us and get ready to conquer the breath taking beauty of Pakistan with colorful, vibrant and rich culture. Experiment a memorable trip each and every time!