Terms and Conditions

  • Any sort of misbehavior or immoral act with organizers or co member’s is prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the transport vehicle.
  • Females should be given special respect, privacy and references.
  • The tour can be postponed or cancelled due to any government announcement about Corvid.
  • All tourists must take precautionary measures and follow SOPs for Corvid during the entire journey and stay. (keep sanitizers, wear gloves and masks)
  • Pak Tourism Club has right to use photographs for social media purpose.
  • Members should not take pictures of other members without their prior permission (especially of females) (if any member is found guilty of taking pictures without permission, their memory cards will be confiscated).
  • Norms and traditions of the local areas must be respected and must not be violated.
  • Members are supposed to take care of the local environment by not throwing away the waste materials. Keep the wrappers and empty bottles with you and dispose them off properly.
  • Using drugs / drugs sale / drugs possession is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty will be expelled from the trip right away.
  • Possession of weapon(s) would also get you terminated from the tour at the spot.
  • The company also has the right to refuse any person as a member of the tour, if in their opinion that person could endanger the health, safety and enjoyment of others on the tour.
  • The breakage and loss of any hotel / rest area item by the passenger, would be charged by the passenger. Our company would not be responsible for it.
  • Any damage by the passenger to transport or transport item would be charged by the passenger.
  • The advance payment, payment at the time of departure and the remaining payment at the time of return is compulsory.
  • On steep ascends in mountainous areas, the air-conditioner of the vehicles will be operational on On-Off basis to save the vehicle from overheating.
  • The photographs will be given to the customer within two weeks.
  • The video will be given within 3 weeks. It will be a compilation of all the highlights of the event.
  • Copy of Nikkah certificate and CNIC from the couples is required two days before departure (as a proof of wedding).
  • Your seats will be shuffled point to point (if required).
  • You don’t or can’t create any issues related to seats when shuffled especially when you get the back / folding seats.
  • Written cancellation will be accepted on all working days, except Sunday, ­any cancellation sent on Sunday’s will be considered on next working day (Monday).
  • The company reserve the right to cancel your tour at any time before the date of departure, even after a confirmation notice has been sent. If your tour is cancelled the company will refund in full the money you have already paid. No compensation will be payable.
  • The company reserves the right to notify you of any increase in price before accepting your booking.
  • It may be necessary for the company to ask you for certain personal information. Examples of this would be dietary requirements, disability / medical or religious information etc. This information will be kept confidential by the company and is available to you to inspect during the company’s normal working hours. It will be passed to the suppliers, if it is necessary for them to know this information in order to fulfill the company’s contract to you.


  • Pak Tourism Club and its organizers will not be responsible for any theft or damage to the personal property of the members. Therefore, keep your belongings in your security at all times.
  • Pak Tourism Club is not responsible for unforeseen delays and situations that are beyond the control of the organizers.
  • Pak Tourism Club will not be held responsible for any insurance claims in case (God forbid) any accidents.
  • Pak Tourism Club will not be responsible for any sort of mishap during the tour.
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