I went to Skardu with PTC, we faced some issues and complained to the management. The management was very friendly and listened to our complaints and compensated us for all the issues even for the issues which they had nothing do with. We explored areas with them as friends and even went to Khamosh Waterfall which wasn’t in the plan! One thing that stood out for me was the behavior and effort of PTC when there was road blockage in Skardu and we had to stay there an extra day, the owner Sarmad bhai shared half of  everyone’s extra expense which was quite a pleasant surprise when the other groups were paying no attention to their customers. Sarmad bhai made sure that we don’t feel left alone at that time. There was more to come the next day when he took his own Grand Cabin and drove us from Skardu to Astore via Desoai to make sure that we get back to our homes as quickly as possible. All in all it was a very good experience and I will highly recommend them as they will take care of you like no one else!